12 Best Restaurants in Greenwich, CT

12 Best Restaurants in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich, Conn., renowned for its affluent lifestyle and charming atmosphere, also boasts a vibrant and diverse culinary scene. From Michelin-starred establishments featuring innovative cuisine to cozy cafes serving local favorites, there are countless restaurants in Greenwich, CT, to tantalize your taste buds. 


Whether you're in the mood for elegant fine dining, casual comfort food, or international flavors, you'll find plenty of excellent restaurants in Greenwich, CT, to explore. Enjoy the rich culinary landscape and discover your new favorite dining spot in this charming town.


L'Escale, located at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor, is a premier waterfront dining destination that brings a touch of Provence to Greenwich. This acclaimed restaurant, situated within the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel, boasts stunning waterfront views and an elegant atmosphere. Its elegant decor, featuring hand-crafted limestone walls and antique timber beams, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Signature dishes like bouillabaisse and duck confit, paired with an extensive wine list, make L'Escale a must-visit for special occasions and romantic dinners.

Elm Street Oyster House

For seafood lovers, Elm Street Oyster House is a top choice in Greenwich. This cozy, nautical-themed restaurant offers a relaxed yet refined dining experience. Known for its fresh oysters, clams, and other seafood delicacies, Elm Street Oyster House prides itself on quality and flavor. The menu features a variety of dishes, from classic lobster rolls to innovative seafood pastas. The friendly service and intimate setting make it a perfect spot for casual meals and celebratory gatherings.

Applausi Osteria Toscana

Applausi Osteria Toscana is a beloved Italian restaurant in Greenwich known for its authentic Tuscan cuisine. The restaurant's menu features a range of traditional dishes, including handmade pasta, fresh seafood, and succulent meats, all prepared with high-quality ingredients. Main courses such as the homemade ricotta and spinach ravioli showcase the restaurant's commitment to authentic flavors and culinary excellence. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere makes it a favorite among locals and visitors.

Terra Ristorante Italiano

Terra Ristorante Italiano brings authentic Italian flavors to Greenwich with its rustic, Tuscan-inspired dishes. The warm, inviting atmosphere, complete with exposed brick walls and a wood-burning oven, creates a charming dining environment. The menu features a variety of Italian classics, from handmade pasta to wood-fired pizzas and succulent meat dishes. With a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, Terra Ristorante Italiano offers a taste of Italy right in the heart of Greenwich.

The Cottage

Experience classic American comfort food in a charming setting at The Cottage. This cozy neighborhood restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a menu featuring pancakes, burgers, salads, and other familiar favorites. Try the Hudson Valley foie gras, deviled eggs, or scallops (and save room for dessert if desired).


Mediterraneo is a chic, contemporary restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. The stylish decor, with its clean lines and modern touches, provides a sophisticated backdrop for the innovative menu. Diners love the restaurant’s fresh seafood, creative salads, and hearty meat options. The outdoor patio, with views of the bustling downtown area, is perfect for al fresco dining. Mediterraneo's commitment to quality and flavor stands out in Greenwich's dining scene.

Polpo Restaurant and Saloon

Polpo Restaurant and Saloon is an upscale dining destination with an old-school atmosphere. The restaurant is renowned for its elegant decor, attentive service, and exceptional food, not to mention its classy piano bar. The menu at Polpo features a variety of classic Italian dishes, including antipasti, pasta, and seafood. Signature items like the Linguini and the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara are favorites among regulars. The extensive wine list complements the menu perfectly, offering a selection of fine wines from Italy and beyond. 

Le Penguin

Le Penguin is a charming French bistro that brings the flavors of Paris to Greenwich. The quaint, intimate setting, with checkered tablecloths and vintage decor, creates a cozy dining atmosphere. The menu features classic French dishes such as escargots, coq au vin, and crème brûlée, all prepared with a focus on authenticity and taste. The warm, friendly service and delightful ambiance make Le Penguin an excellent spot for a leisurely meal with friends or family.


Eastend offers a sophisticated yet approachable dining experience in Greenwich. The restaurant's stylish decor, open kitchen, and comfortable seating create a welcoming environment. The menu features a mix of modern American and European-inspired dishes, emphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients. Diners can enjoy items like seared scallops, roasted chicken, and house-made pasta, all expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Eastend's friendly service and relaxed ambiance make it a favorite among locals.


Valbella is another top-tier Italian restaurant in Greenwich, CT, known for its luxurious setting and exquisite cuisine. The restaurant's elegant interior, complete with chandeliers and plush seating, creates a sophisticated dining atmosphere. Valbella's menu features a variety of Italian classics, expertly prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Popular dishes include the Chicken Martini, sea bass, and seafood appetizer platter. Stay for dessert to try the decadent tiramisu, chocolate souffle, or lava cake.

Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant

Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant offers a farm-to-table dining experience in Greenwich, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The cozy, rustic decor and warm lighting create a welcoming atmosphere. The menu features a variety of creative dishes, from roasted duck to vegetarian options, all prepared with a commitment to quality and flavor. The extensive wine list and knowledgeable staff make it easy to find the perfect pairing for your meal. Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant is great for those seeking a relaxed yet refined dining experience.

MIKU Sushi Bar and Restaurant

MIKU Sushi Bar and Restaurant offers a contemporary take on Japanese cuisine in Greenwich. The sleek and modern decor and the restaurant's innovative menu make MIKU a standout dining destination. The sushi bar features a wide selection of fresh sashimi, nigiri, and specialty rolls, all crafted with precision and artistry. The restaurant also offers a selection of sake and Japanese-inspired cocktails to complement the meal.

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